Battery Specialist

Rebuilding/Recelling Services

We rebuild most new and old surveying equipment batteries!

Bring your device back to life with a new set of batteries. Does your

device no longer keep a charge or does the charge not last? Send in your battery pack or call us for a quote, we can save you money compared to buying new. Here are a few of the services we offer:


We use only top quality brands like Sanyo. We assemble all our packs to high standards to assure reliability when your in the field.


We can restore your batteries capacity by conditioning.
We can also identify circuitry faults or shorts. Send us your old batteries that have been sitting around, we may be able to return them to operating condition and save you money.

Battery Supplier

We are your source for any battery you may need for most applications.

We specialize in hard to find packs for your equipment.

Battery Types

  • We offer additional solutions on top of

    Additional Services Available!